Engineering Services

Engineering Management for Aircraft Structures and Systems

Onur air Technic is producing high quality engineering services such as; 

  • To follow, evaluate, record and file each and every directive (Airworthiness Directive, AD) of Airworthiness Authorities, Service Bulletin, Letter, etc. from the manufacturer’ s related to our fleet. To decide on which of these directives and bulletins will be accomplished on the fleet and to issue Engineering Orders (EO) for them. To accompany and support the accomplishments as much as possible.
  • To follow chargable or free of charge retrofit programmes of manufacturers, evaluate them for accomplishment as per retrofit conditions and fleet status and to coordinate them with the manufacturer. To issue EOs for accomplishments.
  •  To collect offers from third party Part-21 organisations for the modification packages which are not preferred to be purchased from the manufacturer, agree with one of them with the approval of the Management or Customer. To provide the organization the necessary data to prepare the requested package, issue EOs for accomplishments and coordinate the applications with the organisation.
  • To give support to the Maintenance Departments to evaluate the damages (nicks, dents, etc.) occured on our aircraft and to find the appropriate repair instructions. To contact with the manufacturer to get repair instructions if and when necessary, to issue EOs to apply temporary or permanent repairs and to inspect them as necessary. 
  • To prepare Maintenance Schedules for each fleet type (After every revision of the guide document of the manufacturer and after every aircraft entry into fleet).
  • To prepare Minimum Equipment Lists (MEL) for each fleet type (After every revision of the guide document of the manufacturer and after every aircraft entry into fleet).
  • To prepare 2 different type of Reliability Report, which are requested by Turkish DGCA, to perform necessary analyses within the scope of these reports. To analyse the technical delays, turn-backs, diversions, incidents, events with an Engineering perspective, to collect operational feedbacks as necessary, to produce preventive actions when possible (such as initiating inspection or modification programmes, to issue informative memorandums, to create maintenance tasks, to communicate with the manufacturers, pool providers, etc.).


Engineering Management for Powerplant System

  • Repair & Maintenance planning, supporting spare requirement, workscoping, repair management and invoice evaluation of Engine, APU and nacelle components
  • Engine condition monitoring
  • Powerplant asset management: Exchange, lease, sale & lease back, purchase and direct sale
  • Powerplant airworthiness management: MPD tasks, manufacturer recommendations, modifications (SB,DOA,DER), reliability, AD & LLP follow up and application.